I am designing the splash screen, attract mode, and main menu for City Tuesday. With all the games I have played I can’t exactly remember how most games start. So, I picked a few games that are similar to what I am shooting for with City Tuesday and decided I would start them and wouldn’t push start until the game reached its resting state.

Age of Booty:

What is it: A stylistic indie game made by a small studio:

  1. ESRB
  2. Publisher logo
  3. Company who made it logo
  4. Main Menu (super music)

Note: No intro cinematic. No real introduction other than this SUPER pirate-y menu. It would be impossible to tell what kind of game this is before actually playing the game.


Alan Wake:

What is it: A near AAA game that has a lot of cool visuals

  1. ESRB
  2. Company who made it logo
  3. Cool animation of the title
  4. Menu that says “Start to Play”
  5. Attract mode: Montage of some interesting scnees from the game.

Note: Alan wake is super atmospheric and I wanted to see how these pros decided to set the mood.


What is it: A 2d platforming indie game that is very similar in style to City Tuesday

  1. Publisher Logo
  2. Company who made it logo
  3. Menu that says “Start to Play”

Note: Random 2D silhouettes run around on the “press start button” screen


What is it: An RTS from an indie team that makes really unique games. I really like this company.

  1. XBLIG Logo
  2. Company who made it logo
  3. Intro setting animation with minor story elements (pushing any button jumps you to main menu.)
  4. Menu that says “Start to Play”

Note: I like this intro that starts it is like a non-obtrusive cut scene.



What is it: A space shooter from Brendon Chung who makes games with such unique visuals

  1. Company who made it logo
  2. Menu that says “Start to Play” with animation of the game under it. Charming music is playing

Note:I like a game that you could just let run and it would be like a screen saver. You could almost have this running during a hip party and someone would think you have interesting visual taste.