I have consulted for some of the industry’s most creative and cutting edge indie studios. Here are my services:

1-Hour Interactive Strategy Session

We reserve 1 hour and you and I talk about whatever you want. I can review your marketing materials, analyze your Steam Page, brainstorm your overall marketing strategy, or something entirely different. After the call, I send you a bulleted action plan with my recommendations.

IMGUR post creation

I have consistently written viral posts that get to the front page of imgur. I have a keen understanding of the unique voice of this community. I cannot guarantee that your post will go viral, but I can ensure that there is nothing holding it back. Hire me and I interview you and your team, come up with post ideas, author them, curate any images, and post them to imgur. For more information, read this case study.

Email Marketing Setup

(My most popular service)
Email marketing is the most effective form of internet marketing. When implemented correctly, email marketing yields more clicks at a higher rate than Twitter, Discord, and Facebook COMBINED. Every effective email strategy requires a lead magnet, an autoresponder, and good copywriting. Together we brainstorm your email strategy and implement it based on best practices while ensuring GDPR compliance.
For more information read this case study.

End to end customer journey strategy

Effective marketing isn’t just about the number of tweets, the click rate, or shares, it really starts with the player. To truly harness your game’s potential you must have a plan that covers a player’s journey with you from the top of the funnel, to purchasing, to post-game word-of-mouth. With this service, I work with you to identify your potential players, interview them, build a full cross-channel engagement strategy, and help you implement it.

How to get started

You can email me at iamchriszukowski ~at~ gmail with any questions you have and let me know about your project.