I love to provide as many resources as I can to game developers who are working hard to market their game. The following is every public (and semi public) talk I have given.

If you are interested in having me speak at your conference, podcast, or stream, please check out my about page for more information on how to contact me.


Schell Games: Dinner with the devsGame Discoverability
IGDA San DiegoMaking and Marketing Games that players will love (Paywall)
Indie Game BusinessThe 3 Things That Actually Impact How Well Your Game Sells
GDC 2022Indie Soapbox, More than 1 game
GDC 2022Game Demos Done Right
GDC 2022Classic Game Postmortem: ‘Wolfenstein 3D’ (Achtung!) by John Romero (I was the second question asker at 34 min of the talk)
GDC MasterclassAdvanced Steam Strategies for Game Studios and Publishers (Paywall)
Game Marketing Ideas Spring Lecture SeriesHow to make demos
(Paywalled, but your payment supports my work)
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Game Marketing Ideas Spring Lecture SeriesHow to get wishlists
(Paywalled, but your payment supports my work)
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Game Marketing Ideas Spring Lecture SeriesYour first game will fail
(Paywalled, but your payment supports my work)
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Georgia Game Developers AssociationHow to market a game in 2022
Talking Developers Podcast #4How to make the most out of Steams algorithm?
HowToMarketAGame.com TalkSteam Next Fest Live Q&A
DiscoMTL 2022Live Steam Page Critique (Paywall)
Hype Jam 2022Keynote: Jam kickoff
Portugal Game DevelopersHow to market a game in 2022
Interactive OntarioOptimizing Steam Marketing (Paywall)
Indie Game BusinessFree demos! The secret to instant visibility!
NoClipExperts Reveal the Tricks Behind Encouraging Steam Purchases & Wishlists


Seattle IndiesHow to Sell a Game on Steam in 2021
Indie Game BusinessHow to spy on your competition to build your marketing plan
IGDA New YorkHow to market a PC game in 2021
Jonas TyrollerHow To Sell More Games on Steam! (Store Page Optimization)
Disco:MTL 2021Channel Mastery: IMGUR (Paywall)
Taipei Game Developers ForumHow to study the market to anticipate your game’s success
GDC Live! PodcastSuper Practical Indie Game Marketing with Chris Zukowski
GDC 202130 Minute Steam Page Makeovers
GDC 2021What to Expect With Your Launch? Sharing Concrete Data on Various Marketing Activities When Releasing Your Indie Game
GamescrunchHow to market a game 2021
Devgamm Fall 2021How to Market A PC Game
Thousand Ant PodcastHow to pick the right type of indie game to make
Indie Game BusinessHow To Market A Game: The AMA!


Indie Game Movement PodcastHow Indie Devs Can Understand and Influence Consumer Behavior
GDC 2020What to Write So People Buy: Selling Your Game Without Feeling Sleazy
GDC 2020Empathizing with Steam: How People Shop for Your Game
Indie Game Business3 Ways To Understand Your Game’s Audience
Game Dev London PodcastHow Solo Indie Devs Can Market Their Games
Super Gamer PodcastI Hope This Email Finds You Well with Chris Zukowski
Saskatchewan InteractiveHow to understand and impress your audience with better marketing
Indie Game BusinessHow to market a game on Steam in 2020
Indie Game Movement PodcastHow to Leverage the Dev Community


Carl Lucas Show1 Screen Platformer
Disco:MTL 2019The Joy of Email Marketing (Paywalled)
GDC 2019Build Your Own Fan Club: How to Use Your Email List
Creative Metaverse PodcastChris Zukowski (Video Game Marketing Consultant)


One Life LeftOne Life Left vs Gamasutra GDC2015 Show