Here is a list of my best posts to help you understand game marketing.

Stairstep approach to indie game marketing – Read this first. The world of marketing is so full of advice that if you were to attempt to do all of it you would die. Actually die. So this is my piece on what you should focus on for every step in your journey.

Why people aren’t buying your game – This is my introduction to the marketing funnel. It is a critical concept that anyone who is doing any form of game marketing must understand. Hell, everyone making a game should understand this. Send this to your programmers. They will roll their eyes but at least understand what you are talking about.

Email marketing 101 – Running a mailing list properly is the number 1 thing that most indies need help with. They either don’t do it or are just treating it like a press release when their game launches. This is a missed opportunity. Here is your guide to doing it right.

External articles

How Steam users see your game – This is an exclusive article I wrote for Gamasutra. I run a 1×1 study with regular Steam users to understand why they buy the games they do. I love this one because it is a truly multimedia experience. You get to hear the frustration when they don’t understand what game they are looking at.