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Most developers are good at making games but have no experience marketing them. They don’t know where to start. All the time I hear something like 

“What should I tweet about?”

“What do I write in my newsletter?”

“How do I go viral on Reddit / Imgur?“

“What needs to be on my Steam page?”

The hard part is most advice is from us on the Marketing side who have been doing this for years. We know what good marketing looks like. We are surrounded by it. 

Most indie devs are not as familiar with what a good Call To Action is or what a viral tweet looks like. 

I hear you and I am here to help

For years anytime I saw a piece of marketing that made me go “oh that is awesome! I need to do that some time” I saved a screenshot of it and put it in a folder called my “clip file.” 

For the first time ever I am making my clip file public. 

I created a searchable database of hundreds of examples of excellent games marketing.

But I didn’t just dump a bunch of screenshots. I have written an explanation and analysis describing why this particular tactic works, how you can use it yourself, and how to improve upon it.

Examples of some marketing ideas:

Reddit posts that worked

Reddit is very hard. You get banned, downvoted, or just ignored. I have collected posts that somehow survived the ban hammer so that you can study the unique voice they have. Hopefully, this will show you what is possible.

Capsule ideas

Capsules are arguably the most important piece of marketing you can make for your game. So it is important that you look at examples of games that are doing it right. I have collected dozens of capsules that I think are interesting or have something to teach us.

Steam page teardowns

It might sound violent, but really it is just me doing a 10-15 minute video analysis of a popular or good-looking Steam page. I record a new one every single week. Here is an example of one I did for Hollow Knight. 

Filter by channel

I encoded every single item into my database and tagged it with the channel (Twitter, Discord, Youtube, Steam Page) and the level of the funnel (Awareness, Interested, Desire, Action). So let’s say you have a bad case of writer’s block and you just can’t figure out what to post on Twitter. Just filter the column to “Twitter” and get a list of great tweets that you can be inspired by.

Lifetime access

So I don’t charge for my blog, my talks, or my HTMAG Discord but I decided that the amount of work I spend collecting, cataloging, and documenting all these marketing tactics was worth asking a very small fee for.

I am charging a one-time fee that will give you lifetime access. I will continue to add new techniques every day from now until forever. I am also recording a new Steam Page Teardown that goes live every Wednesday. These teardowns will ONLY be available on

So if you like the work I do and want to support me while also getting access to a fantastic resource, signup for

Also, I give a 100% moneyback guarantee so I guess I am taking on a lot of risk here that you would sign up, grab all the ideas, then refund. But I am willing to take that chance to make sure you are happy.

But wait, there is another surprise… because you have been a loyal reader, I am ALSO giving you a coupon code to knock off 20% off the price.


However, next week I am increasing the price by $10. So you MUST sign up now to get this lower cost. 

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