Thanks for watching my GDC 2022 talk! I hoped it helped. Demos are a key marketing asset to get you more visibility and turn people who are “interested” in your game in to super fans.

On this page I have compiled a huge list of resources that will help you make your demo. Please check out all of them (there is a long list of things).

If you have any questions, email me at: iamchriszukowski -AT- GMAIL.COM

Download the slides

If I went too fast and you want to really look at the charts, download this PDF of my slides. Note that these are the director’s cut of the slides. I have added more data since the GDC version.

Additional reading

If you want to read more about how to build a demo, I have written several blog posts about demos. You can find them here:


A survey is a great tool that you should embed in your demo to get feedback from players. Here is a sample

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