Thanks for watching my GDC 2022 talk! I hoped it helped. I really think indies should ease into making longer “dream” games. I know it is difficult but here are some resources that might help

Game developers with More Than 1 Game (actually many more)

Here is your assignment. YOU MUST download at least one of the following games. Play through it. Internalize the size and scope of these games. Play their first game, play their most recent game. Look for neat tricks they used to save time.

Cozy Bee Games

Toge Productions

  1. Infectonator & Necronator – both game shared the same code base. started as small flash games made in a month, added new features in each iteration. Gradually made the jump to 3D starting from Infectonator 3, by the time we finished Necronator: Dead Wrong we have a code library, art assets library, and 3D level editor that can be used by multiple games. The level editor is being used to make our latest game Kriegsfront Tactics.
  2. The revenues generated from these games also allowed us the breathing room to experiment and gave birth to Coffee Talk.
  3. Coffee Talk – started from an internal gamejam, released the prototype to itch as Project Green Tea Latte. Then, we made a polished vertical slice and released it again to itch as a demo. Each release helped us build an audience and a foundation to make more narrative-sim games
  4. Kriegsfront Tactics & Kriegsfront Battlescaper – we released the level editor and mecha builder from Kriegsfront Tactics’ development tool as a sandbox toy on Steam, we are calling it Kriegsfront Battlescaper (inspired by Townscaper).

Strange Scaffold

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